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Carlson School of Management

Introduction to Financial Reporting (ACCT 2051), CSOM Undergraduate

This course introduces the topics of financial reporting and accounting. The purpose of financial accounting is to provide information to the entity owners and external parties to serve as the basis for making decisions about that entity. A student who successfully completes this class should be able to 1) understand the concepts and principles of accounting, 2) analyze, record and report the accounting treatment of business transactions, and 3) prepare, interpret, and analyze financial statements.

Fuqua School of Business

Financial Accounting (ACCOUNTG 590), Daytime MBA

This course is tailored for first-year MBA students. This course addresses the construction and interpretation of corporate financial reports. Students will leave the course with a basic understanding of financial statements and the ability to use them for decision-making in a managerial setting.

Yale School of Management

Empirical Corporate Finance, PhD, Teaching Fellow for Marina Niessner

This course is targeted toward first- and second-year PhD students in accounting and finance. The material is focused on applied econometric methods and test design for corporate finance research. Students are introduced to statistical coding methods by preparing various replications and projects throughout the semester.

Basics of Accounting, Executive MBA, Teaching Fellow for Kalin Kolev

This course provides an overview and critical assessment of financial accounting for executive MBAs. Material for the course focuses on journal entries, closing activities, financial statement preparation, and U.S. GAAP rules.

Financial Reporting, Executive MBA, Teaching Fellow for Alina Lerman

This course provides a more detailed approach toward financial accounting that builds on concepts provided in Basics of Accounting. The material focuses on understanding the economics of transactions, U.S. GAAP application, and the eventual reporting procedures for the financial statements. Case study analysis is a core requirement of the class, providing students with different settings to apply the concepts learned throughout the semester.

Financial Statement Analysis, MBA, Teaching Fellow for X. Frank Zhang

This course covers the methodology and use of financial statement analysis for evaluating expected firm value. Students are taught how financial statement outputs provide useful information for fundamental analysis.

Securities Analysis, MBA, Teaching Fellow for Matthew Spiegel and Shyam Sunder

This course provides a “hands-on” approach to preparing students for work in the securities valuation industry. The course involves preparing, presenting, and eventually publishing analyst reports for public dissemination. Students are tasked with first preparing a report on a chosen industry’s outlook and then developing buy-side recommendation reports for three firms within that industry. We invite select reports to be published on our public course website, http://analystreports.som.yale.edu/.